About Us

Atlanta Green Cleaners

 Serving the Atlanta Area Since 2015

AGC, LLC is a sustainable commercial & residential cleaning company dedicated to providing stellar cleaning service at no detriment to health, quality of life or our planet.  We use plant-based cleaning products free of harsh chemicals, dyes and perfumes. We pride ourselves on being "green" at no additional cost to our clients.  We understand the importance of upkeep, sanitation and appearance.  More importantly, we understand the need  to keep each other and our planet healthy.

The Green Team

Our Green Cleaners are dedicated to serving our customers. We pledge to uphold the highest of quality and standards at all times to thoroughly meet your needs.  Our uniformed team are experienced janitors and custodians who have been educated on the importance of sustainability. Our executive team boasts stellar customer service.  They are committed to building and maintaining professional relationships with our clients.  We are always a phone call or an email away.

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